4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Legal Intake Professionals 

If there’s one industry that requires process efficiency and lesser room for errors, the legal sector is probably one we can think of. With all the concerns that could come along the way, a law firm can’t afford to have a faulty case acquisition and management process, making the need for legal intake professionals more important than ever. 

To solve this, your law firm can simply hire an in-house specialist to take charge of the intake process and do calls from here and there. However, it’s not without its unavoidable errors and constraints in establishing your own team of legal intake specialists. There are major lapses that can only be addressed once you outsource the legal intake solutions that you need offshore.  

What are those lapses, and why should you outsource law firm intake services from a team from a different region? Read on to find out.  

Work with offshore experts. 

For a law firm such as yours, reflecting your law firm’s standards, policies, and expertise immediately at the frontline is a big game changer. The thing is, getting such expertise for an in-house team might be hard to come by and might cost too much.  

With an offshore team, you get to work with call center professionals proficient in legal intake answering services. This way, you already have a tight screening process for your prospects, saving more time and effort in knowing more about them and establishing rapport. You can also get hold of outsourcing partners that deploy bilingual legal answering service teams on top of legal intake expertise. They surely are a perfect fit if you’re engaging with clients and prospects who are not fluent in English. 

Gain access to the most recent tech 

One of the greatest challenges of modern law firms is that they cannot catch up with the most recent technologies to streamline and optimize processes, especially the legal intake procedure. A phone call is still done and answered using the conventional wired phone line. Messages could still be sent and received via fax machine. Leads might still be manually fed to a thick marketing and sales database.  

While all of these still work, these are quite inefficient by today’s business efficiency standards. By outsourcing an offshore team for efficient legal intake for law firms, you will most likely work with a team of experts equipped with the right tools, strategies, and technologies. This will save you from the tedious tech acquisition and the maintenance costs that come along with them. 

Easier streamlining and optimization of the entire legal intake process 

With the right legal intake professionals and technologies, you can also get the industry’s best approaches for legal intake for law firms. Together with your outsourcing partner, you will be able to map out the entire process, from entertaining prospects over the phone up to the sales funnel.  

And since you got all the necessary tools and apps, it’s easier to plan out process optimizations, blind spot mitigation, and even framework overhauls. So when you scout for a third-party provider of law firm intake services, make sure that they have the tech, talent, and strategy to make your investment worthwhile. Get in touch with them as soon as possible to help you get to the top of the competition! 

Get rid of costs 

Most in-house team purists say that outsourcing legal intake solutions from a third-party provider is very expensive upfront, which is why most law offices these days shy away from these services.  

While there are some truths in the high upfront costs for hiring legal intake specialists offshore, it will cost you less in the long run. If you come to think of it: an in-house legal intake team needs a space in your office, some mid-range devices, monthly salary, allowances, and many others. On top of that, the office space and devices sometimes need maintenance, and salary grades and allowances need to adapt to inflation, promotion, and employee tenure or request. And when a team member leaves, employee turnover introduces more costs for training, benefits, and the like.  

Getting a legal intake answering service and back-office support from an outsourcing partner may be very intimidating at first because of the price point, but you will surely enjoy the cost savings in the long run! But as the competition in the market tightens, there are third-party companies that would surely offer manageable upfront costs to help you get by without busting the bank.  

The need for legal intake professionals could be unheard of, which is why many law firms fall into the trap of hiring unqualified people. Worse, many still didn’t know they could get the best talents, tech, and practices for a much more affordable cost in the long run from an offshore outsourcing partner. If you’re looking for one, we can walk you through the partnership we can establish. Talk to us.  

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