What Makes a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist So Important?

In any business, establishing clear and consistent communication alone will work wonders for your customer service—how much more if you connect with them in their language? With the diversity of the US consumer market, it is easier to miscommunicate with clients than establish a worthwhile customer experience. This makes a bilingual virtual receptionist very important for your business. 


To put things in perspective, the US ranks second spot as the cradle for the most Spanish speakers in the world as it has 52 million speakers—topped by Mexico. Add to this is the 12 million native French speakers in the US alone. And being a melting pot, there are a lot of languages in the US that might have a growing population of speakers—which sooner or later might require bilingual call-answering support as well. 

Taking Spanish and French language support first, what makes a virtual receptionist bilingual service very important in speaking these languages when doing a business-to-consumer transaction? 

The client scope it can cater 

Since the US is non-exclusive to English speakers, a bilingual call center is in for a broader scope of clients and prospects. This is because of its obvious benefit of bringing down communication barriers. With a virtual receptionist bilingual assistant over the phone, you can serve both fluent and non-fluent English-speaking customers. This makes it easier to get on the same page with non-English speakers and provide their needs as fast as possible. 

And with the communication barrier minimized, you can easily introduce your company’s brand to your non-English speaking customers. This comes in handy when explaining your company’s proprietary or unique policies. You have the ability to translate it directly into their language and easily build recall to them. 

The frustrations it can solve 

Bilingual virtual receptionists do their best to provide the most efficient assistance they can give their customers. And nothing beats getting the rapport and empathy spoken in their language when they are high on emotions or simply angry. 

Imagine a scenario where a French-speaking client needs clarifications with the financial audit done by an accounting firm. With details as critical as financial figures, there is a big possibility of miscommunication if the customer service assists him/her in English. This invites further frustrations once things get lost in translation.  

This simply shows the importance of having a virtual receptionist bilingual assistance during conflict resolution. This gives you the ability to meet where your clients are, situation-wise and language-wise. And this is probably one of the most crucial skills a bilingual call center agent should possess. Sadly, not everybody offers bilingual virtual receptionist services at this level. So be sure to do a lot of research to find the right one 

The business possibilities it can open 

And when you’re aligned with your customers in the language they speak, you aren’t just presented to a broader client reach. You can also unlock business possibilities further that can be a strong foundation for repeat transactions and customer loyalty.  

For instance, a French or Spanish answering service agent can make sure that everything is crystal clear in your client’s language during legal counseling. This would allow you, as the business, to easily ride on the language convenience you are providing and pitch in the right packages or services that would perfectly address their concern in the long run.  

Simply put, you may take bilingual answering service call center services as a springboard to selling or upselling your services to these customers.  

The loyalty it can establish 

With the same language spoken over a call, it’s easier to build rapport and a genuine connection. A French or Spanish answering service paired with expertise and excellent customer service is an experience that your clients will never forget. It is very important not just to speak the language but also to deliver outstanding assistance. Every call is an opportunity to establish inclusive branding for your company and breeds a loyal chain of customers. 

It is a well-known fact that positive reviews create loyal customers, and loyal customers influence other customers. You can never overlook the power of a well-put bilingual answering service call center excellence over your niche! And this benefit goes the same for enterprises and small businesses.  

A bilingual virtual receptionist could be an overlooked (or even an underrated) facet of your customer service. It could be the missing business driver that your company has been ignoring in the past few years. So why not try it and be a competitive solutions provider that offers bilingual phone support? 

However, scouting for the best bilingual receptionist service providers is not an easy feat. With the market being saturated with various outsourcing partners, go with those who have established offshore outsourcing and a tech-driven approach to the bilingual calling services that you need—and we could be the right partner. Let’s talk. 

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